Fertility Assessment for Men

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How tall are you in feet and inches?

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How often do you drink sugar-sweetened beverages (sodas, energy drinks, etc)?

How often do you eat soy products?

How often do you eat fruits and vegetables?

How many of the following "sperm-friendly superfoods" have you eaten in the past week?

How often do you drink alcohol?

How often do you smoke cigarettes?

How often do you use marijuana?

How active is your job?

Are you regularly exposed to any of the following at your job?

How often do you feel stressed?

How much sleep do you typically get?

On average, how much TV do you watch each day?

How often do you exercise for longer than 20 minutes?

What type of exercise do you do? (check all that apply)

Do you use any of the following performance enhancers?

How often do you use the hot tub, steam room or sauna

Have you ever gotten anyone pregnant?

Are you currently trying to conceive?

How often do you have sexual intercourse?

Do you use lubricants during sex?

Have you experienced any of the following in the past 6 months?

Have you ever been diagnosed with any of the following medical conditions?

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